Super Mario Run is back, and comes with update included -


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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Super Mario Run is back, and comes with update included

Well, we were hoping he'd come in with some surprise, but it looks like we'll have to keep up. Super Mario Run has returned to the App Store after being missing for some hours of it, and has not been very clear because it has disappeared in the first place. Nintendo has not yet commented on why the application is no longer available , but it seems that everything was due to a temporary error.

The interesting thing of all this, is that it returns to the platform accompanied, in this case of an update, the 3.0.3. No changes are specified, but it seems to come with some minor modifications . There is a possibility that among these changes is the reason why the app has disappeared this past Monday, although, of course, it is very likely that Nintendo will not at any time share the reason for this incident.

Now you can relax, Super Mario Run is totally safe 

For now, all we can do is rejoice that he has returned and, of course, continue to enjoy the game as he has so far. It does not look like there's going to be any big change on the horizon, so there's nothing to worry about. Although I'm sure more than one would have been happy if he had chosen to launch a free-to-play version of the video game, but for now, it will not happen.

Anyway, for all those Nintendo fans (including myself) who are looking forward to trying something new from the company for mobile devices, we may not have to wait too long. As you know, Animal Crossing will be the next release born of its association with DeNA, and it is not too far away if we follow the information that has been providing Nintendo. Hopefully it will be worth it.

And you, are you still playing Super Mario Run? 

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