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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Super Mario Run is updated with new characters, modes and worlds

Nintendo will launch a new update of its game Super Mario Run on iOS and Android next September 29, and will include a new world, mode and gameplay . The update will introduce a new mode called Remix 10 , which randomly splices 10 sections of the different levels of the game into quick succession and rewards players with rainbow medals.

Completing the different stages will allow players to rescue Princess Daisy and subsequently play like her for the rest of the game . Players will also be able to unlock a new world called "Star World" which includes nine new levels, enemies and some additional gaming mechanisms.

It is no secret that Nintendo is not very satisfied with the performance of the game. Although successful in its early months compared to many mobile games, it did not become an important contribution to the brand. However, this update shows that Nintendo has committed to long-term mobile games .

The real question is whether or not an upgrade will stimulate a mini-rebirth of this game. It does not help that Super Mario Odyssey for Switch is just around the corner. If you're a big fan of Nintendo's nice plumber, you probably should be aware of this important update .

Polygon points out that there are some other minor updates: players can get new items to put in their realm, and they can listen to their own music while they play when they do. And Super Mario will appear on the screen with headphones! Nintendo is also temporarily lowering the price in half from September 29 through October 12. A good opportunity to get it.

Are you going to download it? Are you a follower of this saga? All this and more await you in comments. See you soon!

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