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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Super Mario Run leaves the App Store without leaving a trace

Something happens in the offices of Nintendo and DeNA ... It seems that they are planning something in relation to one of their big stars in the mobile market. The first major incursion of the main Nintendo franchise on mobile devices could be about to undergo a major update . Super Mario Run, could be on the verge of a really important change, which would have caused it to disappear from the App Store.

That's right, the first great game that Nintendo released for mobile has disappeared from the App Store in several markets like United States or UK, or our own country. Right now, it can only be downloaded by those who have already downloaded it before. For the rest, the only thing that appears with the image of the ex-plumber is the set of stickers for iMessage that is sold in the same store.

No one knows what may have happened with Super Mario Run 

Of course, it is a strange thing. It does not seem that Nintendo has regretted having thrown it , in fact, has no reason to do so. Its jump to the mobile platforms has been a success for the company, and next to Nintendo Switch, is changing the luck of this Japanese giant after the bad streak that had with Wii U. Nevertheless, it is possible that they want to give them to the users more reasons to download the game ... Changing your payment model.

Previously, it was commented that Nintendo was not very satisfied with the number of people who had acquired the game. And is that, while the number of downloads of their games are being pretty good, there are not too many people who are willing to pay to play Super Mario Run in full. So, it would not be so strange that the company decided to change the model of the app to a more attractive one. Of course, he would be very welcome by the community, although perhaps not so much by those who decided to acquire the game.

And you, what do you think may have caused Nintendo to have pulled their game from the App Store?

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