Surprise! The iPhone 7 Plus crashes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 into performance -


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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Surprise! The iPhone 7 Plus crashes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 into performance

Every year, Apple introduces a better processor iPhone that makes the competition very difficult to beat . Of course, in Cupertino it is never a matter of numbers, in fact it is frequent that any mid-range and high-end Android surpass the iPhone in terms of cores and RAM, something that at the time of truth does not translate into better performance, since the iOS devices continue to beat in the tests (whether in benchmarks or in daily use).

This Samsung 2017 has done its homework launching the range Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + but above all has convinced with the new Galaxy Note 8, the best smartphone of the Koreans and ... the best of the market? In the absence of a week for the presentation of the iPhone 8, you can say yes. Or maybe the iPhone 7 Plus has something to do with Samsung's flagship ?

Yes, we already know that it is quite unfair to compare the iPhone 7 Plus with Note 8 , since the current flagship of Apple takes a year in the market, but if it was already able to beat the S8 in daily activities , why not to try And is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is actually a macro version of the S8 but with more RAM.

So on paper, the Galaxy Note 8 should improve the Galaxy S8 and be faster than the iPhone 7 Plus by opening apps and going on, but what about their day-to-day performance? Will it be below the iPhone 7 Plus? Test activities include opening a number of apps, including games and webs. Then the same apps return to the foreground ... and there is only one winner.

The objective of this test is to determine how efficient each phone is and the speed of performance of activities , both foreground and recovery. Of course, having extra RAM is a plus, but let's not forget that Apple develops iOS and manufactures devices.

Well yes, surprising as it may seem, the iPhone 7 Plus continues to win in tasks that we perform daily!

Although they are not standardized tests, they are an efficient measure to evaluate the performance and optimization of the devices, where Apple continues to beat any Android , however pointy and innovative it may be. We do not want to imagine what will happen to the iPhone 8. Well, yes: it will be a ride for Apple's next big hit.

Anyway, the Galaxy Note 8 gets better score in the multi-core benchmark and in AnTuTu. But remember that the iPhone 8 is just around the corner.

Via | BGR 

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