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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Take advantage of many local Wi-Fi with this app

Fortunately, it is becoming cheaper, but not too cheap, phone data rates. With them we can have internet almost anywhere. Now, if we go to a place that can be a cafe or pub and have Wi-Fi, we like to take advantage of it. It is a way to maximize our rate .

With the application we bring you today is much easier. Instabridge is a wonder for those people who feel somewhat inhibited when it comes to requesting the Wi-Fi key from somewhere . It must have been some Danes who make it that simple.

It consists of a service that geolocates you and indicates on a map which are the networks to which you can connect . Yes, that simple. Not only that, it gives you the key, which is uploaded by previously registered users, and how is the quality of the connection, something very important if we want our connection to go smoothly.

In addition, this application has a pretty good help. In case the password is password protected, you can request the application from the settings of your iPhone or iPad , that you want to connect to that network using Instabridge. No need to know the key or have to share it.

Another curious feature is that it tells you how you can reach, either by walking or in some type of transport to that place where you want to go. Very useful if you do not know the city and you have stayed with someone in that place.

As you can see, there are only advantages. I have been testing the app for a while and I can not put any but. He does what he has to do , and he does it very well. The networks to which I connected have been able to hook the first one.

Logically, if in the database of the application there is a network stored with a key and it changes periodically, it may not allow the connection . Although there are sure to be users to update the keys.

Well do not think about it and consider downloading it, we'll leave the link below. See you in the next article .

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