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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The 11 most interesting new iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

A few minutes ago Apple has released the final version of iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The latest version of the company's mobile operating system includes a much more customizable Control Center, a redesigned Dock with Multitasking features, a revamped App Store, an application to manage files, a Do Not Disturb mode while driving and much more.

On the other hand, iOS 11 also offers features exclusive to the iPad . The Apple tablet will now be able to use the "Drag & Drop" feature with which users can move items like images, videos and files from one application to another in complete comfort.

In addition, it is noteworthy to mention that iOS 11 will enter an era solely dedicated to 64-bit architecture . That's why the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and older iPad models will, unfortunately, be left out of this update.

The 11 most useful iOS 11 news

1. More customizable full-screen control center

Apple has completely changed the look and feel of the iOS 11 Control Center user interface. But not only that. In addition, it is now much more customizable and you can add different functions to your buttons . The Control Center occupies the entire screen of the iPhone, and the iPad is located on the side next to the Dock and App Switcher.

2. Redesigned dock with many more functions 

The iOS 11 Dock has also been redesigned, adds up to 15 applications (iPad) and supports "Drag and Drop" functionality. In addition, the Dock can activate Multi-Tasking with Split View and Slide Over features.
3. Notification Center merged with the Lock Screen 

Apple has unified the Notifications Center and Lock Screen in iOS 11 . Instead of having two different screens on which to display the notifications, the two areas now have a very similar appearance. If you slide your finger up and down from the Lock screen you will see all the notifications.

4. App Store with a redesigned user interface 

The iOS 11 App Store has a much cleaner, more minimalistic, more visual and much better organized user interface . The truth is that it looks very similar to other native applications like Apple News. There are sections devoted to games, applications, guides, interviews, releases and much more.

5. Very useful news in Siri 

Siri, in addition to having a new voice , also offers a system through which users can access their functions without the need to use voice commands. That is, it is now possible to write messages to Siri for information. It supports more languages ​​for translation, and is compatible with applications for scanning QR codes. Its user interface has also been slightly updated.

6. Do Not Disturb the Steering Wheel 

With iOS 11, iPhone users will feel more secure than ever before. Apple has introduced a Do Not Disturb Mode to Drive where the iPhone will automatically mute all notifications and send reply messages instantly.

7. Improvements to the keyboard and write to a hand

The keyboard of iOS 11 also has some improvements, in addition to having slightly changed its appearance. IPhone users can activate a one-handed mode to write from the left side or from the right side . In addition, new shortcuts for special characters are available.

8. New File Management System

Apple has released a new native application called Files that will offer the possibility to manage and manage the files of the iPhone and iPad . It syncs with 3rd party apps like iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

9. Changes in iPad Multitasking

IPad Multitask , with iOS 11, has been greatly improved. Apple has changed the user interface of Split View and Slide Over , and has also changed its activation mode. The Dock can also be invoked from any application, and additionally it is able to turn Multitasking on.

10. Screen Capture Edit Function 

Now, when a user takes a screenshot on their iPhone or iPad, they can edit the image quickly thanks to a thumbnail that will appear in the iOS 11 user interface.

11. Screen recording on the iPhone

Another great new iOS 11 will allow users to use a Control Center button to record the screen of their device and share the video in a much faster and more efficient than conventional methods.

Via | 9to5mac 

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