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Sunday, 3 September 2017

The 16 funniest ways to trolle with AirDrop

AirDrop is a file transfer system between Apple mobile devices that works very quickly and efficiently. It was implemented in the iPhone and iPad operating system from iOS 7 and allows to send images, videos, locations, web pages and much more.

We recently discovered that AirDrop had become a useful way to connect , but it could also have other funniest and hilarious purposes ... like trolling to other users.

In this article we'll take a look at the most epic trolleys among iOS users by transferring files via AirDrop. Some of them are for laughing!

1. Someone stalks you in the museum ...

A user, of Asian origin, wanted to send an image of some works of art that was contemplating a young woman who visited the same museum.

2. A very troll deer

On this occasion a user sent through AirDrop an edited photograph of a very deer deer ...

3. Random Memes

A collection of totally random memes at 2:00 AM Creepy!

4. Trolling Level: Nicholas Cage

No comments ... What craziness!

5. You could not miss the cute pictures of puppies and kittens ...

Someday it will be the turn that someone sends you this kind of photos, and you will love to accept them.

6. What do you want to eat?

One girl received these pictures by AirDrop while she was in a restaurant.

7. Sssshhhhht!

In the cinema, the only thing that is supported is the sound of the devoured popcorn. If you are all the time with your iPhone, someone could call your attention via AirDrop.

8. Maybe your neighbor next door?

A GIF in which someone says they just made a hole in the wall ... Thanks for the info!

9. Hard as a rock

Like Nicholas Cage, The Rock is an ideal choice for trolling with AirDrop.

10. Absurd humor

Who in his right mind would send an image as random as this? Fools never get bored ...

11. WTF?

When you leave AirDrop on, things can go wrong without any sense.

12. Oops ...

To "Mr. Be-Throw-Many-Fart "would like to share a photo.

13. Take it off now!

Someone sent you a cheated website to pass the driving test via AirDrop.

14. Learning to call ...

Instead of sending her his phone number for AirDrop, this boy decided to send a photo of his face to a girl on the train by AirDrop.

15. Your finger is gone!

This woman sent a photograph of her face and a plate of food to a man sitting next to her. It was just a mistake.

16. Pezqueñines no, thanks

In the aquarium, this boy received an image of a fish asking for his son.

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