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Friday, 22 September 2017

The 25 secrets of iOS 11 that you can not miss

The new iOS 11 from Apple is one of the most changed and large operating systems the company has done so far. This new iOS incorporates a number of impressive improvements that make the iPad almost a computer. Of course the improvements on the iPhone are also notorious and focus more on improving productivity with it.

Hide is not the word either, but they do not talk about it as much as they should. iOS 11 has many hidden functions that you will hardly find out without the "tips" app that incorporates the iPhone and iPad. All these functions are really useful once you know they exist and you get used to using them, so I recommend you keep an eye on them all.


One hand keyboard

This keyboard can be activated on iPhones and allows writing with one hand . Of course we can move the keyboard to the left or right depending on whether we are left-handed or not, or if we simply picked up the phone with the other hand.

Refurbished iPad Keyboard

Now we can access symbols or numbers by moving a letter of the keyboard down . You do not need to change the keyboard screen to access these characters.

Write to Siri

You can activate "Write to Siri" so you do not have to speak to the voice assistant speaking , instead you can write to him. There are some people who feel somewhat uncomfortable in doing so. To activate this feature we go to: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Write to Siri .

Siri Translator

Not yet available from the Spanish language, but Siri is able to translate sentences that you dictate in several languages .

Control center 

Customize the control center

You can customize this menu by going to Settings -> General -> Control Center . You can add shortcuts to applications or quick functions that will be very helpful .

Long touch as a replacement for 3D Touch

On the iPad or old devices, now we can access the secondary options of the Control Center by holding down the icon that interests us , doing a 3D Touch simulation.


Zoom with one hand

Just as you could do Google Maps, you can zoom with one hand on Apple Maps by double-tapping on it or by holding your finger on the screen and dragging it up or down to zoom in . Very useful if you are walking.

Flyover Mode

With this view in 3D mode, you can see the city you want from above , moving with much freedom.


Share password

When two iOS devices are close but only one is connected to the WiFi, the connected will get a warning to share the password of the WiFi to the disconnected . After this, the second device can connect to the network without writing anything.


QR reader

By focusing a QR code with the camera of the device, you will have a Safari notification which will allow you to access the QR code . Also works with WiFi in QR format.

Level for photos

Go to Settings -> Camera -> Show Grid . Now when the camera is taking a picture of anything, two + icons will appear. If you align these with the image, everything will look completely level once you take the photo .

Edit Live Photos

Now you can press edit in any Live Photo. It will allow you to silence the video by having a preview of it at the bottom , until editing when and how it will be repeated.

FaceTime Live Photos

If two participants of the same call have iOS 11 installed, they can take a Live Photo capture of it . Keep in mind that the other person will be notified if you do.

Saves the screen 

Screen Recorder

This option can be added from the Control Center settings. It allows us to make videos of what we are seeing on the screen of our iPhone or iPad.


Now you can edit the screenshots you take and share them once edited . After doing this you can delete them so they do not take up space on your iOS device.


Additional privacy

In the settings of this browser, you can now prevent web pages from following you while traveling on the net. It is activated by default.

Automatic reading mode

If you press the read mode button for a long time, you can mark web pages as "Always read mode" . This way, each time you access them, you will have the reading mode activated.

Autocomplete password

Now passwords saved in Safari can be securely integrated into third-party applications , saving you time to write them.

Smart Storage 


ICloud Storage Settings are now called "iPhone / iPad Storage" and offer space-saving recommendations with options like delete old conversations.

Automatically remove apps

in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage , you have the option to automatically delete applications that you use little when the phone is low memory.

Drag and drop 

Drag and drop on iPhone

This was always marked as an exclusive option for iPad, but the iPhone can also do it . Works in "Files" and the application "Notes" among others.

Drag multiple applications

You can move different applications at the same time in the Home menu by picking up one with one hand and then pressing the others with the other. Highly recommended for a quick organization of the Home menu.



If you go to the phone settings section, the "Auto-call" option will be available. This allows you to automatically call 911 if any physical iPhone button is pressed 5 times quickly.

And so, you will not miss anything iOS. It is important to know how to use all the functions of iOS that go unnoticed, thus making the most of the operating system from the beginning.

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