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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The 3 Secret Functions of the Face ID of the iPhone X

 At this point, for lack of very little for the official launch of the iPhone X in the smartphone market ... Everyone wonders if the Face ID feature will be able to replace the Touch ID sensor . Will it be more efficient? Will facial recognition cause problems?

There is some concern among potential consumers of the iPhone X. But since Apple claim that the facial recognition feature will be 100% safe and efficient . Although it is true that we still do not know all its characteristics ...

In fact, in this article we will tell you the 3 secret functions of the Face ID feature of the iPhone X. Shall we begin?

These are the best kept secrets of the Face ID of the iPhone X

Software related to the Face ID feature of the smartphone's 10th anniversary smartphone facial recognition technology will not only be available at the time of unlocking the terminal, but will also be used to make mobile payments or purchases at the App Store, among others.

But in addition to transactions through Apple Pay, Face ID has three hidden functions that you might not yet know:

  •     Reveal notifications and messages only for your eyes.
  •     Keep the screen lit while you are reading.
  •     To lower the sound of an alarm or a ring tone. 

Undoubtedly, these are three surprisingly useful functions. Who has never happened to be reading something and to automatically lock the screen? Face ID will deliver breathtaking new features for the iPhone X. It is also especially necessary to reveal notifications when the software detects the user's face, so we can avoid intruding privacy ... And will not it be absolutely great to turn down the alarm sound when you wake up just looking at the phone?

But, of course, no one will want any of these three functions if the Face ID feature does not end up being an effective replacement of the Touch ID functionality of previous generations. Let's hope so, and do not give any problems. There is less left to check!

Source | BGR 

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