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Friday, 15 September 2017

The 5 best features of the iPhone X

Now that the new iPhone X is already between us , it's time to wonder if it's really worth it. Not only is it a question of price, that also, but of having in cost each and every one of the specifications of this new telephone, to be able to know if it agrees to us. That's why, while yesterday we brought you the main features of the phone , today we bring you the best.

Really, it is difficult to choose, since we find the best iPhone to date . In fact, if it was not because he has an apple in the back and he uses iOS, it would cost us to say that it is really an iPhone. So, I think it is inevitable that in this Top 5, I placed his new design in the first place.

The design of the iPhone X 

A few months ago, when we saw the first models of the device, we had trouble believing that Apple left behind elements as characteristic as the home button. And that, putting aside the "ears" iPhone X, which even seemed anti-aesthetic.

But, after seeing it in the keynote, I'm going to be honest, I could not help falling in love with this radical change . It's something I can not understand, but with each image, with each video, I like it more. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Its glass back, its dazzling edges ... Everything fits.

The Super Retina display 

Another of the graces in the distribution of news, has been the screen of the iPhone X. Not only is the largest that has had an iPhone to date with its 5.8 inches, is also sharper and more colorful. In the content size of the new device, Apple has managed to integrate an OLED screen, which not only has the qualities of that panel, but also eliminates its major flaws .

As we discussed earlier in some of our articles on OLED screens , these have certain features that make them unique. Among them, a great contrast thanks to pure blacks, and a really incredible color range. However, they leave behind some aspects like the brightness, something that Apple has managed to solve in this new screen.

The new Bionic A11 processor 

In this case, I let myself be taken by my geek side. It is very likely that, in your day to day, do not experience great performance improvements with the jump to iPhone X. And is that, right now, with the level of optimization that has come in iOS, it is very difficult to perceive it if we have mobile phones like the iPhone 6, 6s or 7.

But, if we take a look at the results that are giving ... There is no doubt, it is an authentic beast. According to the performance tests, this chip is not only able to leave behind the iPad Pro, but also reaches the performance of a 13-inch MacBook Pro . And that, not to mention that it has in its interior some first fruits of the market like its new neuronal motor, thought for the ambit of the AI.

The new cameras, designed for all kinds of situations 

Before the presentation, no big changes were expected in the cameras of the new iPhone X. Everyone thought that would be the part that less news would receive in comparison. But, when the keynote comes, we have been able to discover that it is not so at all. Especially in the case of the front camera, now known as TrueDepth.

Both the front and rear TrueDepth cameras benefit not only from technical improvements such as the optical stabilizer on both rear lenses, or portrait mode for the front. In addition, thanks to the new A11 Bionic, the phone is able to greatly improve the quality of photos thanks to different techniques of automatic learning, and, of course, enable features like the new FaceID .
iOS 11, an operating system designed to take advantage of the iPhone X 

Now, if there is a big player on the new phone, that is iOS 11. Apple's new operating system is designed to make everything we did on the rest of iPhone, we can do it on the iPhone X. Although , of course, in a more intuitive and fast way . Although that does not mean that we will have to get used to the new functions.

This update, for example, allows everything we did before with the start button, we can do without it. Thanks to the same gestures that we use in the iPad, we can move between the apps without any problem . And, of course, we will be able to take advantage of the advanced cameras of the phone to know the impressive technology of Augmented Reality.

And this is just the beginning. The iPhone X, is the first device of the new era of Apple. From that moment on, what we were accustomed to will no longer be habitual. Hopefully, the change will be for the better.

What is your favorite feature of the new iPhone X? 

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