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Friday, 1 September 2017

The 6 crazy theories hidden in the invitation to Apple's keynote

Yesterday all our omens were confirmed and Apple made official the date of its long-awaited keynote of September where we will see for the first time the iPhone 8, as well as another series of news that will leave us with our mouths open . With the sending of invitations to the keynote, begins a vertiginous calendar of dates that Apple always follows strictly .

But Apple fans are very clever and as soon as they saw the invitation arrive, the euphoria unleashed, giving rise to the elucubración of crazy theories around everything that hid the invitation , finding facts of the most varied.

The truth is that some reason is not missing, because the invitation this year seems very abstract and completely full of signs that anyone with some time and a lot of imagination can try to decipher what Apple really means. Let's face it, Apple takes great care of the details and does not usually leave things to chance.

The craziest signs that Apple fans have seen in the keynote invitation

Wireless Charging and Augmented Reality

Of course, the one who does not see something is because he does not want to . This twitter without going further ensures that the letters in gray come to emulate the augmented reality (or even virtual, to dream that it does not remain) and that the chromatic combination suggests the wireless load. But that does not end the thing: it is able to see the shape of the iPhone 8 and a new color, white.

Cook 2020

Tim Cook is a person committed to social causes and has shown a good example of this during his years at the helm of Apple, so some have seen in these blue, red and white tones an imminent candidacy to the United States presidency and have date for it: 2020, planting face to Donald Trump, a president who has given him many headaches .

Will be presented iPhone 3

As a twittera ensures, if you close your eyes enough as if a 3D image is, you can also see the outline of iPhone 3 , precisely the ones that will be presented: iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus

Confirmed OLED display

If you look carefully, you will see more than red, white and red: specifically some users have been able to detect up to four colors that if you translate them to English and order them, you will deal with the new technology of the screen of the iPhone 8, OLED . Something convoluted, right?

New colors of the iPhone 8

One thing is clear, this year the iPhone 8 will come in new colors . At the moment, we have already seen iPhone in white and red, but never a blue iPhone, perhaps it is the surprise of the keynote. In fact, if we look closely at the apple we can also see that color copper or blush gold that is in all the pools .

Improved portrait mode

This is already curling the curl. If you look at the invitation, the colors are super blurred, exactly the same as does the portrait mode to better highlight the object that is in the foreground. In fact, we know with certainty that the iPhone 8 will have dual vertical camera with improved optics , so it is a fact. What is not so much is the relationship between the design and this data, but hey.

Via | Cult Of Mac

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