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Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Apple Watch Night Watch Could Reach iPhone X

When I still had the Apple Watch, and I was forced to plug it in every night to charge it, I loved to know the time it was with a little knock on the clock when I suddenly woke up. It saved me from dazzling my mobile phone screen and staying hooked for a quarter of an hour looking at any notifications I might have. Now, I'm going to be honest, I miss this simple function. But if you manage to buy an iPhone X , it is possible that someday you can experience it without the clock.

One of the readers of MacRumors has been contacting Craig Federighi , and he has answered several questions about FaceID, and other possible functions of the iPhone X. In addition, he inquired if Apple had considered implementing a function similar to the clock night of the Apple Watch, in the iPhone X, taking advantage of that it has an OLED screen with less energy consumption. This would also be similar to the ever-lit screens of your competitors.

Sometimes it's the little details that really matter 

Although not exactly the same function, what they would have come to consider was the possibility of enabling a night clock , which would be activated with the device connected to a dock. However, they would have discarded it because the number of users using this type of accessories is very small. Therefore, if we use, for example, a wireless charging base placed on the bedside table, we would have to lift the phone, something that would detract from the utility of the function.

Of course, we would not say no if they implemented it in a future version of iOS, something that can still happen. However, it does not seem very plausible. Let's hope you have some similar idea to fill this small gap. For now, we will have to continue to dazzle with the bright screen of the iPhone X.

And you, have you used this function in your Apple Watch?

Source | MacRumors 

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