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Monday, 18 September 2017

The best straps for the Apple Watch 3

Recently the reserves of the new Apple Watch Series 3 were opened, and the truth, better get ours before shipments and sales begin , since the devices of Apple usually run out quite fast in its first days for sale.

For those of us who intend to get one with us by either upgrading our previous one or simply buying the first one , we will surely want to buy some extra straps for different occasions .

Almost everyone knows that Apple's official bands are quite overrated. The quality is certainly good, but you can also find a few alternatives on Amazon much more affordable from other manufacturers . Fortunately, the new Apple Watch 3 does not change the design of the strap connection. That means belts from previous generations and those we can find on Amazon will continue to be compatible with Apple Watch 3.

If we intend to stay with the Apple Watch and renew it when it becomes unusable, it is good to have enough straps to go varying . Normally I always use two or three, the official Nike sports strap is perfect, however we can find replicas of this at very attractive prices. Any other elegant strap to wear can easily be found cheaper.

Here is a compilation of the best straps for Apple Watch considering their price, appearance and quality.

Penom Milanese Loop Stailess Steel 

A stainless steel bracelet with a classic style . We can find it in the Apple Store for 159 euros or Amazon for 16.90 euros.

Buy at Amazon

JETech Stainless Steel 

Another substitute for an official Apple belt not affordable . Now we can get it for 14.99 euros and in two different colors.

Buy at Amazon

Chok Idea 

A belt very similar to the Nike + but with more colors to choose from . Ideal if we buy a normal Apple Watch but we are interested in getting this belt cheaper.

Buy on Amazon for 10,01 €

Pinhen Stainless Steel 

A very elegant and exclusive strap that has nothing to envy Apple officials . We can get it in 3 different colors for 36 euros.

Buy at Amazon for 36 €

Magiyard Strap 

An affordable but good quality strap, it has many colors to choose from and sure you like . We can get it for 5.99 euros.

Buy on Amazon for € 5.99

If there is no strap to your liking in this list, you can always search the internet. Remember that although Apple sells its own accessories does not mean that they are the only ones you can buy . In Amazon you have a huge catalog in which you will surely find the perfect strap for you. 

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