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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Brutal Prices of AppleCare for iPhone X

During the spectacular Apple keynote of yesterday we met once and for all the iPhone X , the jewel of Apple's Crown and smartphone called to reign in all bencharmarks this year and next. However, it will not be the only thing that will reign, although Apple has cleared the club of smartphones of the thousand euros with prices starting at 1,159 euros , there is nothing.

Is it worth it? That is something subjective, although its quality and innovation is undeniable. Of course, with budget size, it was expected that Apple's specific terminal protection plan would be raised, but sit first before reading it.

These are AppleCare + prices for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus

As Apple was updating its website and we could enjoy the cost of all the news, we also saw how AppleCare + plans were updated . Thus, the rates for the iPhone X but also for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus are already available . Of course, the AppleCare plan for the iPhone X is higher than for the iPhone 8 and of course, than for any previous model that has come out to date. Did you catch air?

Specifically, the prices are:

  •     iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: $ 149
  •     iPhone X: $ 199

So to give you an idea, the cost of the AppleCare + comes to be about 20% of the iPhone X approximately. Obviously, you will want to be as careful as possible with your new and dear child in your eyes, but often we will have to pay. Because in addition, so much innovation in the iPhone X has a B-side : it will also be more expensive to repair.

In addition, remember that AppleCare + extends the warranty, but does not cover accidental damage in general . As a reminder, all Apple products come with a one-year warranty, which means Apple takes over that first year. This does not mean that there are not two years as dictated by Spanish law, but that of warranty repair during The Second Year takes over the store that sold it to you, for example Apple if it was from the Apple Store.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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