The design of the iPhone X could reach the rest of the ranges next year -


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Friday, 29 September 2017

The design of the iPhone X could reach the rest of the ranges next year

It looks like yesterday when Apple introduced the new iPhone X to the world. A phone born to revolutionize completely, not only the own line of smartphones, but also the industry of the telephony. A new design, facial recognition, a screen with the best quality viewing on the market, the best camera ... Everything is part of the new iPhone X, that phone that is able to eclipse the rest of components of the new generation of the iPhone.

But, the big problem of this phone, which we like more and more, is that it has a really high price . For many, in fact, it is prohibitive. And, even if we talk about figures like 50 million reserves for launch, the fact is that many more would like to have a mobile phone like the iPhone X, without having to leave us the 1159 euros that costs. That's why Apple is already working on a solution for the next generations.

All iPhone, regardless of price, are intended to have the design of the X 

According to information provided by the Wall Street Journal , Cupertino would already have begun to plan the next generation of the line. And one of the components that the company has been eyeing are the Full Active LCD panels, a technology developed by Japan Display that would allow to create phones with designs without borders at a much lower cost than the flexible OLED panels. A change that would be reflected in the next generation.

With these new panels, Apple could manufacture devices with a design similar to the new iPhone X, without problems or high production costs. They would not reach the same quality as the OLEDs , but would be an important rival for them. We will have to see how the year is developing, and if the public accepts the design of the flagship. Of course, they have my money if they do it next year.

Via | Business Insider 

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