The design of the new AirPods is among these 7 patents -


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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The design of the new AirPods is among these 7 patents

It's been less than a year since the AirPods landed on the market to change the concept of wireless headsets and to judge by their impressive sales figures , you can say they have. No, they were not the first wireless headsets, but we already know that with Apple the user experience goes a step further.

The quality of the sound, its autonomy, the perfect synchronization ... A series of characteristics that have erected to the small ones of Apple like reference of the market. However, the first edition of the AirPods is far from perfect : you can always improve your autonomy, go a step further in synchronization and of course, improve your design and ergonomics. Without going any further, many would pay (and indeed pay) for getting AirPods in another color other than white .

Apple knows this and is already in its headquarters building a second edition of the AirPods , according to assures the firm NPD, which also confirms that they have recently registered 7 patents in this regard. Patents in many cases do not materialize, but they do give us an idea of ​​where the shots go.

Without a doubt, with companies like Sony, Bose, Bragi or Doppler working to the maximum to try to surpass them, it is normal that Apple continues trying to improve the AirPods, that in just 9 months have sold more than 900,000 units, obtaining a market share of 85% . A figure that will surely increase as more users acquire the iPhone 8 that will be presented in just one week and of course, will not have jack connection.

Here you can see the 7 AirPods patents that Apple has registered at the Hong Kong patent office, which affect not only the design and ergonomics of the AirPods but also the box.

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