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Sunday, 10 September 2017

The exciting animated emoji comes with iOS 11: Animojis!

After the leak of the Golden Master iOS 11, we know more details about the features that Apple plans to announce next week, and continue to be brought to light new things, including new features on the new 3D animated emoji for iMessage .

Based on the iOS 11 firmware information, the new "Animoji", as they have been released, seems to be a unique feature of the so-called Apple iPhone 8 and the new 3D detection capabilities of the phone, allowing users create custom emoji 3D animations based on the facial expressions collected by the camera .

As noted by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, several Animoji will be available for customization using the iPhone 3 detecting features of the iPhone 8, including chimpanzees, robots, pigs, cats, chickens, dogs, foxes, and also the ineffable poop .

The range of expressions that the iPhone 8 will be able to detect are listed in a separate asset, showing the level of detail of the function that the new camera is capable of reading on a human face. Animoji can be customized by moving the left and right eyebrows, cheeks, chin, eyes, jaw, lips and mouth, with global detection of sad and happy faces.

It is really amazing how this futuristic technology is already a reality and how in a few weeks they can enjoy the owners of the new iPhone. All of these things that sounded almost like science fiction are just around the corner.

Further discoveries on the iPhone 8 and Apple Watch are expected to be revealed soon as developers explore the iOS 11 GM code over the weekend . In fact today we have known more about the Apple Watch Series 3 . Apple will officially present the new devices at its Tuesday event scheduled for 19:00, Spanish peninsular time.

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