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Saturday, 23 September 2017

"The Face ID of the iPhone X is not secure", opinion of the hackers

The Face ID is probably one of the most differentiating features of the iPhone X and it equally arouses interest and suspicion. Although we will have to wait until November ( or perhaps until 2018 , if the worst omens are fulfilled) to prove it, since Apple have rushed to resolve all our concerns about his revolutionary facial recognition.

However, since Forbes have posted an article that has turned on all the alarms. In it, scientist JV Chamary challenges Apple's Face ID and calls into question Schiller's words during the keynote of September 12

    The possibility that anyone can look at your iPhone X and unlock it is 1 in a million. 

For Chamary, Apple does not tell the whole truth . Anyone, for example, is not a thief. Apple may take great care of the security of their iPhone, but the reality is that they are the most stolen smartphones: if they were impassable thieves simply would not waste time, so there are always cracks for anyone who wants to do evil.

A number of security experts have been questioned on the subject and the prospects are not as good as they painted on the keynote,

For example, Troy Hunt, who writes about security on the Web, explains it this way:

    The Face ID is not better or worse in terms of security, it's just different. The Face ID gives consumers another choice in the form of biometric authentication, such as the Touch ID, instead of the classic PIN. To know about the ease of its hacking, we will have to wait until it is in the hands of the testers, although I imagine that in Apple they will have taken great care to avoid it.

But Marc Rogers, director of security for Cloudflare, is expressed in other terms:

    For hackers like me, this is a challenge. So far, the weakest point of your iPhone was the fingerprint. Now the Face ID just needs to be something better, that's enough. That's why in security boxes people are still using complex passwords. However, it will have to be proved.

Among the advantages of Face ID is in model learning machine learning that is able to memorize your face and adapt to your changes. In addition, Apple will not extract your authentication data from your servers or the cloud to avoid any suspicion.

However, Rogers the Face ID does not seem like the panacea:

    The Touch ID was very natural and comfortable. Can you imagine how weird it will be to get a selfie at the bakery to pay? People avoid using weird and hard things, so in the end they end up preferring the PIN. It is a challenge that something bihometric is safe enough for operations as risky as accessing your bank.

In addition, Rogers believes that Apple did not implement the Face ID to improve the security of its users, but because they simply could not integrate the fingerprint sensor inside the screen , as they originally intended.

Via | BGR 

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