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Monday, 18 September 2017

The Face ID Security Mask iPhone X

It was easy to predict that people were going to get a little nervous with Apple's new facial recognition , however a little short.

As we saw at the Apple event last Tuesday, the iPhone X should be unlocked with your face, instead of the Touch ID that has always worked so well . However, many future users of this device are questioning their safety and can not help worrying that their phone is unlocked while they sleep.

If you are afraid that your iPhone will be unlocked while you sleep, you are not alone. Fortunately, to use the Face ID on your iPhone X you should have your eyes open and look directly at the phone , but the simple idea that they can browse your phone while you sleep is enough for a Chinese store similar to Amazon to start selling now same "safety while you sleep" masks. Specifically designed to protect the integrity of your iPhone data.

Cover your face while you sleep, maximum security 

Of course if you want more protection on your iPhone you can cover your whole head , but leaving your eyes free or your mouth. For some reason, the mask that has only one opening for the eyes is much more expensive - and that of the hole in the mouth lets the imagination fly.

Of course, if you are extremely paranoid , you also have a version of the previous mask fully covered.

And if you want to look like an alien while you sleep , obviously you can too.

These masks range from 2 euros to 150 and can be shipped to most countries. However and to clarify, the iPhone X requires open eyes to look directly at the camera to be unlocked. Not only that, it will also be mandatory that the face you are seeing has vital signs, in this way differentiates between masks and real faces.

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