The front of the iPhone X will have a unique design, literally -


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Sunday, 10 September 2017

The front of the iPhone X will have a unique design, literally

If there is something that has caused a furor over the new iPhone X, it is their design. Everybody wanted it, and after a few years, we thought it would never come. But, at last, we have had the change we had hoped for. A new design that takes us out of the comfort zone in which we stayed with the classic frames characteristic of the line, and the home button that has accompanied us all this time.

The next iPhone X, if everything goes on and the leaks are certain, will leave behind those frames to give us a frontal where the screen is the main protagonist . In fact, were it not for the little that surrounds the panel, would be the only protagonist of this new design. Now, you may have thought that since Apple has decided to make such a radical change, at least it will maintain the color choices it had in the past. Unfortunately, it will not be so.

We will not be able to have an iPhone X with the white front, at least at the beginning

Although this new phone will have several options in terms of colors, this would not affect in any case the front of the device. According to the latest report from the firm KGI Securities, the same color would remain on the front for design reasons, as the idea is that it is based on the screen , so that it becomes invisible. Something that will help us to make the "ears" of the terminal, the two holes that would be next to the front speaker, are somewhat hidden.

All these details, reminiscent of the case of the iPhone 7 RED, which maintained a white front, will be unveiled next Tuesday 12. The truth is, there are not too many details to discover about phones, but it is always good power know everything about them from the hand of its creators . That's why we will be there to bring you all the news that will be shared in the next event. We are waiting for you!

And you, what do you think about the design of the new iPhone X?

Via | MacRumors

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