The human side of Siri in Hurricane Harvey -


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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The human side of Siri in Hurricane Harvey

We have recently witnessed the terrible damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in some southern areas of the United States. The devastation of its power, and the amount of water it has shed in the state of Texas, has left thousands homeless. Within all of this vortex, we have known the story of Tyler Frank and his rescue through Siri.

Tyler Frank has sickle cell anemia. It is a condition when, under stress, it can cause a cellular crisis that is said to be even more painful than childbirth. Hurricane Harvey put Frank in a hurry. And when 911 emergency phone and social networks could not help, so Siri was the only option .

And in fact Siri was smart enough. With a question to Apple's personal assistant "Siri, Call the Coast Guard," Tyler was able to rescue his entire family after two days in the storm. Frank's call brought him a rescue helicopter, but he refused to take her. So he called again. The second helicopter finally gotta hold the rescue , which was posted by his mother through Facebook .

We have seen that Siri is more than just entertainment to spend jokes and ask questions to look for a restaurant or a street . Apple is investing reliably in technologies and features designed to make us safer and help us when we need it. Stories like this show that investment is paying off in saved lives.

Her story is terrible and heroic, and here is the hope that she, her family and loved ones, and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey received the support they needed at the time. we celebrate the happy ending of this story and we would love to know how you use Siri or if you have ever seen yourself in a compromised situation and Siri has helped you .

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