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Thursday, 14 September 2017

The iPhone 8 brings great novelties at a lower price

Surely you do not want to spend 1,150 euros on the iPhone X, it really is a fairly high price for a smartphone . However, Apple still has freshly baked phones ready for you.

Everyone who listened to Apple's Keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater will know about the new iPhone models . In particular we had two new models apart from the X: the iPhone 8 and its variant Plus . These new iPhones are literally sequels of the previous iPhone 7, you could say they are the iPhone 7s that will never exist and incorporates improvements that bring you closer to the iPhone X more than you think.

The new terminals come with a glass back and an aluminum band. In this way they have achieved that both the front and the rear can use the wireless load . We also have an improved Retina display that incorporates True Tone technology, so that the colors of this one adapt to the ambient light of where you are. In addition, we find two stereo speakers that are capable of sounding up to 25% stronger than the iPhone 7.
Bionic A11 Processor

The new A11 processor on the iPhone 8 is the most powerful ever used by a smartphone . It has a six-core processor. In addition, the graphics are 30% better than the A10 chip and is designed for the device to perform self-learning tasks.

With this processor, we can also take better pictures . It has a noise reduction device, larger and faster camera sensors. It's still 12 megapixels, but it has deeper colors and a tighter saturation. The two new sensors have apertures f / 1.8 and f / 2.8 for a much larger zoom.

We also have a new feature called: Portrait Mode Lightning. In this case, the camera performs a depth map to detect the illumination of the photo and uses an AI to re-do the illumination on the faces or the background of the same image . You can simply put other lighting to the photos.

With the new iPhone 8 we will also have 4K video recording at 60 fps and slow motion videos at 1080p and 240 fps, more quality for slow motion and double fps in 4K mode .
Ideal for virtual reality

This new device incorporates new gyroscopes and accelerometers that will greatly improve our experience with virtual reality . Supposedly, you will also be able to get real-time lighting within the same virtual reality.

Supports wireless charging with non-Apple accessories using the Qi Open Wireless Standard. For all those who feared having to spend a lot of money on the original Apple adapter, that's great news! Even so, we will also have the company's official port of call next year , which will allow you to use dozens of Apple devices at once to load.

Not much else to add, this new iPhone may look a lot physically to its predecessor and perhaps should be called iPhone 7s , but since when versions of Apple's terminals have sold poorly? Of course it is more expensive, but not much more and is loaded with new features that many will love.

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