The iPhone 8 comes in gold color, but everyone sees it as pink -


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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The iPhone 8 comes in gold color, but everyone sees it as pink

Yesterday we were very aware of what was happening at the Steve Jobs Theater during the presentation of the new iPhone models. It was revealed that the new iPhone 8 comes in three colors , one called "gold color".

But this Phone 8 looks very pink , even Apple does not call it that. The latest phones from the Apple event were presented at the company's headquarters and come in silver, gray gray space and a third with a "gold finish" .But it is true, we do not appreciate any of that gold color and it certainly looks pink, is what our eyes and those of others see.

" We have huge news for the iPhone today, " said company CEO Tim Cook before the new phones were shown on the giant screen that presided over the stage . It did not take long for anyone, whether looking at the Apple website or who was lucky enough to be there, to appreciate that the gold phone is really a pink phone.

    The iPhone 8 is equal to 7 only that the 8 is made of glass and has a new gold color that looks pink! #AppleEvent
    - Armando Bale 2.0 ❤ (@ RmdBale14) September 12, 2017

Moments later, came the famous "One More Thing" (one more thing) and the iPhone X came on the scene, but this phone only comes in silver and gray space. So here there is no debate about whether gold is gold or is a gold-rose .

In the year 2015, Apple brought the rose gold in their models. It was a decidedly pink hue, as the name suggested . This time Apple is diverting from reality, calling the new color option a "gold finish", which however nobody appreciates.

It makes sense that the iPhone 8 adds this color; the millennium pink is so fashionable. Apple, you have to embrace the rose !. What do you think of them? Do not you see the gold color too? Write it in comments, we hope you .

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