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Saturday, 23 September 2017

The iPhone 8 Plus has the best camera ever built into a mobile

Little more can be said, this new Apple phone has the best camera that we will find on a smartphone and that we have not even seen the camera of the next iPhone X. This has been declared by DxO Labs with a score of 94 in the DxOMark, the own test of this company.

The new * iPhone 8 Plus beat a new record in the DxO Labs ranking, right on the iPhone 8 * behind . These two are followed by Google Pixel and HTC U11, which have exactly the same score in this ranking. Of course you must have kicked these two companies that claimed to have the best cameras on the market.

What does this new camera look like? 

DxO ensures that the two iPhone 8 models are better at capturing HDR scenes. If we compare all the photos, we find that the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have more detail in the capture and preserve the exposure that had the iPhone 7 Plus.

Although the Google Pixel image can be seen a more vibrant color and more saturation, the cameras of the new iPhone have more detail and a more professional look . On the other hand, DxO has mentioned that the exposure of the camera is accurate in low light situations. 

They also mention that the color we get from the photos taken with the iPhone 8 plus is much more improved than the one we take iPhone 8, even in low light. They also ensure that the iPhone 8 Plus is an excellent choice as a phone for a photographer .

It is a fact that this phone has the best camera on the market, but as I said before, it is assumed that the new iPhone X has a superior camera in all aspects . Should we expect a considerable improvement in the cameras of the future iPhone as well as a new record in this ranking? We will only know it on November 3rd .

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