The iPhone camera will finally have more megapixels ... but not this year -


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Thursday, 7 September 2017

The iPhone camera will finally have more megapixels ... but not this year

There is no doubt that the iPhone 7 is the mobile with the most popular camera among users . To the facts we refer: it is the only smartphone with enough personality to create a hashtag called #shotoniphone and that every day numerous people upload to the networks their images made with Apple terminals.

In addition, it is that reasons are not lacking, the benchmarks show that they are the mobiles that guarantee better photographic results . Apple knows this and in each model goes a step further, improving both software and hardware specific terminal. Although we already know that in Cupertino it is not a matter of numbers.

And is that if you're in love with the figures, you'll see that the iPhone always have less RAM and less megapixels than the rest ... nevertheless, they are still the most terminal with better performance and make the photos spectacular. The secret is that it is not a question of numbers, what good is it to put 458495845 mpx if your camera does not have an optical stabilizer? No, that's why Apple has never entered that war, does not need it.

But Apple usually improves the resolution of your camera from time to time and the next update will happen very soon. But not so soon as to be integrated into the iPhone 8 . A report from Digitimes says that Apple is about to begin production of lens modules of more than 12 megapixels and is expected to soon increase production to 600 million per month. No need to do many calculations to intuit that indeed, the iPhone 8 will stay out of this improvement.

The company with which Apple has reached the agreement of production of lenses is called Largan Precision, and will be responsible for making lenses for dual or simple cameras, as well as the lenses of the front cameras that carry the integrated 3D sensor.

So on the iPhone 8 we will have to settle for a dual vertical camera that will have characteristics similar to those of the iPhone 7 Plus , but with a better optical image stabilization, so you will notice the difference. On the front, the camera with the 3D sensor also promises to leave us with the mouth open. But if you want more megapixels, you'll have to wait.

Via | BGR

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