The iPhone Edition has not yet come out and I know I'll buy it -


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Sunday, 3 September 2017

The iPhone Edition has not yet come out and I know I'll buy it

Given that I have an Apple Watch, iPad Mini, iPhone SE, MacBook Pro and iMac, I guess you will not miss anyone who is looking forward to the iPhone X or iPhone Edition going on sale. Actually, I am a convinced user of Apple despite having started in technology with Windows and Blackberry because simply and plainly, I like its fluidity, security, design and I think that although it can be more expensive (however we can already find iPhone terminals cheaper than Android ), its useful life is higher, come on, that within two years I know that my devices will continue to size and I will even be able to take money for them if I decide to sell them.

I am the first to know that around the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X / iPhone Edition, probably Apple's biggest secret to date) has generated a brutal hype . And it's not for less: Apple is going to raze with a spectacular device .

Yes, you may not be the first to implement a borderless device, or the first to use OLED or face recognition, but let's be honest: not even the iPhone was the first smartphone, but in Cupertino carry things that others have invented to another level .

So before the imminent arrival of the iPhone Edition I decided to make a list of pros and cons to value your purchase.

Why am I going to buy an iPhone Edition?

In May, someone stole my iPhone 6s . So I decided to bet on the iPhone SE and I do not regret a single day : an affordable, fluid, ergonomic device ... I'm really delighted. Although I confess that I miss the bigger screen and with better contrast, as well as the 3D Touch. They are details, but they are noticed.

So yes, the first reason I'll buy the iPhone Edition is for a much better display than any Apple has presented to date : borderless, OLED and the size of the iPhone 7 Plus on a device smaller.

Another reason that makes me tip the scale towards him is the design. At the time I liked the lines of my iPhone 6s, but I had already seen it in the previous model. With the iPhone 7 the feeling was déjà vu, the same that I will have with the two models that will accompany the iPhone Edition ... and is that they are so 2015, that the panorama has totally changed. But with the new flagship of Apple the user experience allows to be very different. That borderless screen of the iPhone Edition has already become my dark object of desire , despite its ears.

Nor do I forget the Augmented Reality . Although apps with ARKit will work on older iPhones, it's sure to be a different experience to enjoy with an iPhone Edition. Personally I'm already fascinated by what I've seen , but Apple seems to have caught the trick where others like Google have failed.

And the iPhone Edition promises to be pointers , successfully incorporating certain innovations that may not need, such as facial recognition, but for technology lovers are a determining factor. I like to stay to the last.

The final reason is more professional than personal, the iPhone Edition looks set to mark an era in both Apple and the smartphone sector and it would be a bit strange to write about iPhone without one. Already, it's a bit of an excuse, but usually we are dedicated to writing about technology we are true lovers of gadgets and I am no exception. Nothing we like more than buying a new gadget and giving it cane .

Wow, in the end I have come out many reasons in favor of buying the iPhone Edition , but I do not have them all with me. You want to know why?

Why not buy the iPhone Edition?

First of all, the price. Are we crazy or what? Yes, I know we use it all, but it's a phone! You'll use it to call, send WhatsApp, check the mail, watch YouTube videos, listen to music on Spotify, upload photos to Facebook and play Pokémon GO. Seriously, 99% of people use their mobile for that. And those functions give you a cell of 100 euros, but if you want to ensure a certain speed and fluency, you can get terminals for half of those thousand euros that will cost the iPhone Edition . To work I use the computer and to watch videos or read I have the iPad.

Another reason not to bet on the iPhone Edition is that it is the first generation of this terminal . Yes, we've been with the iPhone for a decade, but it will be the first time with a borderless mobile, without Home button, with facial recognition ... I know that Apple does things well but they are not perfect. But listen to me, the S editions are always better.

If I do a global balance I think the "Yes" wins overwhelmingly, and that we have not valued that Apple always leaves an ace in the sleeve, a "One more Thing" that drives us crazy. But I'm clear, I'll buy the iPhone 8. What will you do?

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