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Monday, 18 September 2017

The iPhone SE is the cheapest Apple mobile in history

It is possible that, with the arrival of the iPhone X , many you have been left without words. Not because of its characteristics or technical specifications, nor because of the fluidity with which the curious Animojis move. Rather, because there is no language capable of expressing how much it will hurt in our pocket buying one of these devices so advanced. And, in fact, it does not have to be. And is that, there are more options for all those who resist to pay such a price.

As Tim Cook himself said, Apple does not manufacture products for the rich. They have never intended for their creations to be kept in the pockets or desks of a few, but have sought to have everyone have the opportunity to get one. In the case of mobiles, there is also an option available to almost all the portfolios. A phone designed to make the iPhone experience for all kinds of people. The iPhone SE , with the heart of an iPhone 6S inside, and the size of an iPhone 5S.
The little one in the family is also the cheapest. But still a good choice

It is possible that at this point you are thinking about whether we have information about the next renewal of this terminal. However, to our dismay, we still do not know anything about a new version of the small family. Anyway, this does not mean that there is no good news, and is that the iPhone SE has managed to become, after the presentation of Apple on Tuesday September 12, on the cheapest phone in the history of the company.

Currently, with 419 euros in the Apple Store, there is not a single model that has reached the official sale price of this phone, without it being about to be discontinued. This could be a sign that your big moment is about to arrive. But, for now, it is not a bad choice for all those who are thinking about acquiring a new smartphone. Especially if you feel inclined towards the products of those of Cupertino.

Via | Applesfera 

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