The iPhone X, Apple's masterpiece sinking to the apple -


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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The iPhone X, Apple's masterpiece sinking to the apple

Following the fall in expectations of the market launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, there has been a rebound effect in Apple's next release to the market: the iPhone X; far from deciding to increase the possibilities of sale of this terminal have reduced the forecasts of sale.

This implies that they have reduced the production of the terminal in the factories of other countries , having a negative impact on the finances of these. We are waiting for Apple to pronounce on this issue.

IPhone X Reduces Production

The data collected from the companies in charge of manufacturing it added up the amount of 45 million units of iPhone X produced at the end of the year, however, the number of devices ready to go to the market will be only 12 million .

Quite a fair amount for what should be the sale of a high-end terminal in the high range, but that agrees with the data that in Cupertino have been thrown back to predict losses.

Companies have been affected

Companies in charge of producing the iPhone X have seen how their stock market value has fallen due to Apple's decision to reduce production. The drops are of 12-10%, this is an important fact, because bags like the Taiwan are formed by companies that provide the devices and components of Apple.

Any alteration in the company could cause big losses for the companies of the country . Investors have decided to rely less on Apple and give it a touch of attention, hopefully Apple knows how to react and will not go to greater losses of these companies.

How do investors know that Apple has been scared?

As we have commented, Apple has retracted in the amount of iPhone X to produce . Covering 40% of the estimated production, this fact has alerted all investors and companies, which have begun to invest in other companies.

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