The iPhone X could suffer even more last minute delays -


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Thursday, 21 September 2017

The iPhone X could suffer even more last minute delays

Surely with the title that you have found in this article, you will have begun to tremble all those who are thinking about acquiring the new iPhone X. Although I personally do not have in mind buying it, I can get an idea that it will not make you any fun that you raised this problem. However, I think the bad news must be given quickly. In this case, there is still nothing certain, and we all hope that rumors are not true, but the thing does not look good for Apple's latest release.

As you know, because of the coverage we have given to the presentation of the same, the new iPhone X has several characteristics of the most interesting , which at the same time could significantly slow down its production. In fact, we have already been able to see it with the release date that was fixed in the presentation, with something more than a month and a half of difference from the keynote to the same. However, this could be just the beginning.

It seems that delays will be inevitable in the launch of iPhone X 

According to the latest reports offered by the company Barron's, production not only would not have accelerated, something that had been suggested previously, but would have been slowed to the point that Apple would not start production of the iPhone X until mid-October . If so, KGI Securities predictions would be met that suggested that all orders for the new iPhone X would not be delivered until 2018.

This would mean that many of those who are waiting for the iPhone X with such patience, were left without their new phone until further notice. Something similar to what happened in the launch of the AirPods , and that also will probably happen with the next HomePod, although the latter will have a more limited launch.

Are you planning to buy the new iPhone X? Can you hold the wait?

Via | MacRumors 

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