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Saturday, 16 September 2017

The iPhone X will do away with the iPhone

Reservations for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus went live on Friday morning, but most of our focus remains on the iPhone X. The new iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus are excellent upgrades compared to models from last year . They are also faster and more powerful than any rival smartphone in the world, including the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note 8 .

But the iPhone X is the future of Apple's smartphone line, with a bold new design and improved technologies that have never before been seen on any smartphone. While the world eagerly awaits to finally experience the iPhone X when it appears in November, two industry watchers have an interesting take on the phone.

According to a report released this week, the advanced technology that makes the new Apple iPhone X so attractive may be the same thing that ultimately kills the entire iPhone product line.

The iPhone is dead, live the iPhone.

The iPhone is dead We just do not know yet. No, it will not be any of the so-called "iPhone killers" launched by Apple rivals who do the work. Instead, time itself will bring death to the line of products that are now at the heart of Apple's business .

Emerging technologies will eventually make smartphones obsolete. The tasks that we currently do on our precious iPhone and Android phones will be downloaded to other devices. We could use these new devices on our faces. We could use them directly on our eyeballs. Or maybe they'll be all around us. Whatever the case, we will not keep them in our hands and certainly they will not be phones .

In a note to customers this week, UBS analysts Steve Milunovich and Benjamin Wilson claim to have identified another key factor that will help kill iPhone and smartphones in general: the iPhone X. Specifically, Apple's new Face ID technology .

" Apple could become a leader in the development of the Environmental Paradigm, essentially raising the bar in the user experience and defending the competition ." Milunovich and Wilson's "Environmental Paradigm" talks about a future where computing devices are all around us and use biometric technologies like Face ID to identify us . It sounds oddly like Minority Report, but Tom Cruise's 2002 movie was probably not far off in this regard.

We will not need passwords and personal computer devices like smartphones . Shared computers will be around, recognize us instantly, and interact with our headsets and other portable devices.

Analysts continued, " Apple has a philosophy of self-cannibalization and identification of personal technology trends. It seems to be laying the groundwork for the next era with transition products such as Apple Watch and AirPods, and services provided by a multi-platform. We look forward to launching new product categories . "

Are you afraid of what can come? Is it really as these analysts say? We await your opinions in comments. See you soon!

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