The latest WhatsApp update lets you free up more space than ever -


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Friday, 15 September 2017

The latest WhatsApp update lets you free up more space than ever

" Nearly full storage ," we all fear that this message suddenly appears on our iOS device, it is an unpleasant surprise that forces us to eliminate memories or at least change them . This was more common in the past because the memory of the devices was poorer.

However, WhatsApp is one of the most storage applications required to keep running. All videos, photos, audios or messages occupy a large amount of data in the memory of our phone, and are able to completely eliminate the free space. Fortunately, thanks to a new update of this app, we can free space on our iPhone easily.

How to free space in WhatsApp? 

As always, WaBetaInfo has taught us what's coming to WhatsApp coming soon. Very soon we can delete files in a group, these will be separated by categories (images, video, audio ...) and will be done very easily. Unfortunately, it will take quite a while to get deployed on iOS, but we can already see images of how it works on Android.

To manage the WhatsApp files and the storage that they are consuming , we must carry out a series of very simple steps:

  •     Click on the menu button , in the 3 points in the upper right corner of WhatsApp.
  •     Go to Data usage and storage .
  •     Now in Storage Usage .
  •     Finally, select the contact or group from which you want to delete content. 

As easy as that, you will be able to delete all the files of a conversation separately and thus only delete what you do not want on your phone. Of course, you need to be betatester of WhatsApp to start using this new , and you'll only find it on Android. If you want to use it on your iPhone you should wait a few days for it to be deployed globally.

WhatsApp realizes the problems that have its application and that perhaps they can be left something antiquated. This is why they are constantly updating your app . Of course we will not add any complaints to this, since adding features and improving the app is never too much (even though other apps have done so before).

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