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Saturday, 9 September 2017

The perfect selfie: All the technology of the optics of the iPhone 8

A new report from prolific and accurate analysts KGI released the night before details the millimeter 3D sensors we will find on the iPhone 8 that will be presented next Tuesday , as well as some predictions of what Apple will do with the colors of the front and much more .

We do not know very well what Ming-Chi Kuo contacts, but it does not usually fail. Its latest forecasts detail that the 3D sensor of the iPhone 8 will be what will make the difference with respect to the competition for its precision and reliability, which will entail a detailed configuration.

The result? A portrait mode for simply spectacular selfies . There is more to see all that Apple has worked on it. Do not miss it.

Not only will there be one sensor, but three! 

However, the 3D sensor will be right behind the "ears" features of the front of the iPhone 8, but will not be alone: ​​it will have a transmitter and structured light emitter, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor ... light will be an important subject , both to verify our identity and the possibilities of portrait mode.

The Structured Light Transmitter consists of 6 components including a filter, VCSEL, aligners, optical levelers, etc. In the case of the receiver, it will include 4 components: IR lens, filter, CIS and CMOS image sensors.

But all these sensors work together at the same time: the structured light collects depth information, integrating the data of 2D images of the front camera to get 3D images. With the transmitter and receiver distance data is achieved, which are optimized with the proximity sensor.
Solved the mystery of the colors of the iPhone 8

Kuo also makes his bets on the iPhone colors. According to the analyst, will be in white, black and copper, but all of them will have black frontal . Recall that the feeling will be different from previous models, being made in glass for wireless charging.

If true, this would integrate something better the characteristics "ears" of the front of the iPhone 8 because after all the black hits everything. In this way, solves the problem that so many headaches gave him with the iPhone 7 (RED) , which had a little attractive white front.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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