The Samsung Galaxy S9 could copy the ugliest iPhone 8 -


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Friday, 8 September 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S9 could copy the ugliest iPhone 8

Samsung star devices all have an amazing design. The Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8, with their Infinity screens, get better than many competing phones. But it seems that Samsung might want to take things in a different direction, and the company is already thinking of copying the ugliest feature of the iPhone 8 .

The iPhone 8 will have a full screen layout with a huge twist. The phone has a bezel that occupies much of the top of the screen, with accompanying "ears" of visualization. The notch it presents is very feay and is a bad design needed, as Apple still can not hide its critical components face to face under the screen, including cameras, speakers and sensors.

The iPhone 8 is virtually confirmed, as Apple leaked a design drawing of the iPhone 8 when it accidentally released an uncensored HomePod firmware a few weeks ago. It turns out that Samsung is working on a design such as the iPhone 8 or similar, with a notch at the top, as seen in the following images.

The images are taken from a design patent that Samsung introduced in May 2016 with Korean authority KIPRIS, according to GalaxyClub reports.

That seems to suggest that Samsung filed the patent long before the first design of the iPhone 8 began to leak, although it is unclear how long Apple and Samsung Display have been working on the new OLED screen for the iPhone 8. The patent also indicates that Samsung was not ready to go ahead with that design . Instead, Samsung chose a safer design for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, making a top and bottom bezel minimum.

If the Galaxy S9 looks like the phone in these schemes, Samsung will still be considered as a second instead of a leader. The latter we know who he is. For the rest, we invite you to continue visiting us so that you do not miss anything that is cooked in the technological stoves.

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