The shameful moment of the keynote that everyone talks about -


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Thursday, 14 September 2017

The shameful moment of the keynote that everyone talks about

Apple, as a company, has always been characterized by borrowing an existing technology and improving it on its own devices. In fact, Apple is always late, but it gets better. Despite this, it remains an innovative and daring company. They proved it after removing the plug connector for the headphones, and demonstrated again yesterday during the presentation keynote of iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The new and spectacular iPhone X features a redesigned design, an OLED screen, wireless charging ... But where is the Touch ID? There is not. That's right, the most advanced iPhone in history does not have a fingerprint reader . Apple has risked discarding the reader to incorporate an unlock system through facial recognition. A system whose software was called Face ID .

There is a great debate circulating around the network around the functionality of Face ID and the withdrawal of the Touch ID feature. What is easier, unlock the iPhone with your face or your finger? Would it be safer to unlock the iPhone with your voice? Be that as it may, and leaving the doubts aside, during the Apple keynote all alarms regarding the Face ID feature ... It happened something embarrassing, embarrassing, uncomfortable.

That was Apple's "epic fail"

The good Craig Federighi jumped onto the stage to showcase some of the new features of the iPhone X. When I was trying to unlock the iPhone X using the Face ID function this happened:

    "Here's the iPhone X. Now, unlocking it is as easy as looking at it, and sliding it up. And you know…. Let's try it again. Ho Ho Ho…! I have a spare one here ... "

Curiously, Craig took another spare iPhone X to unlock it, and it worked. But why was there another spare iPhone? Do you usually have them during Apple keynotes ? Will Face ID cause problems? Until the terminal does not reach the market we do not know the answer. What is clear is that the ruling was epic and, yes, the truth is that it has enough grace. 

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