The two secret functions of iOS 11 that you should activate ipso facto -


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Saturday, 23 September 2017

The two secret functions of iOS 11 that you should activate ipso facto

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system from the bite apple is here. Surely more than one is right now enjoying as a child tinkering with the new features that iOS 11 offers to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

But not all iOS 11 features are in sight. In fact, there are two hidden security-related functions that could even save your life ...

Among all the wonderful and spectacular new iOS 11, including those that create a new way to use the iPad, there are two very important: the "SOS Emergency" and the "Do Not Disturb to Drive" mode.

Emergency SOS 

The SOS emergency functionality (also known as a panic button) is a special feature that is activated when the iPhone is locked and allows people to call emergency services instantly. It is extremely useful if you are in a situation of danger (accidents, thefts, persecutions ...). It also prohibits police officers from forcing you to use the fingerprint reader, since the feature is disabled.

Activation mode: Access Settings, press SOS Emergency and activate the "Automatic Call" option. Additionally you can define other emergency contacts. Once activated, you must quickly press the on / off button 5 times.

Do Not Disturb while Driving 

This new feature could also save your life while driving your car. Do Not Disturb to Drive disables all notifications and also automatically sends a response to received messages . This prevents you from being distracted while driving. The autoresponder is fully customizable.

Activation mode: Go to Settings, enter the Do Not Disturb section and look for the section "DO NOT DISTURB DRIVE MODE". Select the option "Activate automatically".

What do you think about these two new hidden iOS 11 features? Have you activated them already? Let's hope you never have to use emergency calls! 

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