The worst news for the iPhone 8 is called iPhone X -


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Monday, 25 September 2017

The worst news for the iPhone 8 is called iPhone X

This year's launch of three terminals at the same time constitutes a differential strategy with respect to previous years . And with the standard and Plus models, the distinction was clear: users looking for larger terminals (and from the iPhone 7, with a premium optics) compared to others who continued to prefer more ergonomic and more affordable devices.

With the iPhone X , iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus there is too much to choose from and this may prove to be a failure in Cupertino .

Mind you, we do not say that they are not going to sell mobiles : we have no doubt that they will sell many. The problem is when you develop three terminals and only one is overwhelming. In the global you can get very good results, but you have not optimized your resources. It is still early to say, but this year could be this case with the iPhone X and the other two terminals.

Because in addition, Apple will sell the iPhone X much later than the iPhone 8 , something contrary to what you may think, is not a good strategy. Yes, it may increase the hype towards the iPhone X, but perhaps others get tired of waiting until November? Early 2018? and opt for other alternatives.
A risky strategy, and right?

Many of us have been waiting to see how the iPhone X is , to feel it, to experience it, to know either in the first person or by others, how to use the iPhone X. And until we do not know, we will not make a decision. And this hurts the sales of the three terminals.

Let me explain: the iPhone 8 may be a vitamin 7 iPhone . Come on, an iPhone 7s. But it may be more than enough for what we are looking for because its improvements are worth it with respect to a terminal like the iPhone X that is so innovative that perhaps it will not convince us .

That is, it has the potential to be fantastic, but to cost from 1,159 euros, we want it to work perfectly and that our user experience improves . If we do not adapt to the Face ID or the absence of the Home button, it would not make sense to wait. If you have technologies that are not mature, we prefer to wait for the "iPhone X s" and have everything for that price.
Until we have the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on the market, we will not be able to choose

Be that as it may and although Tim Cook claims to be happy , this impasse is being noticed in the orders . Just look at some empty Apple Stores or the BGR survey on which Apple terminal you'll buy this year:

Trolls aside, it's a fact: until we have all three terminals on the market, we will not be able to choose. Who would spend almost a thousand euros knowing that in a month or two is going to come out something that could be much better?

Apple customers are known for wanting the best and do not mind paying more for it (depending on their capabilities, of course). So what is Apple's strategy? That we get tired of waiting and we buy a more accessible iPhone even if we do not get excited?

Who was going to say it, but we almost preferred the times when there was only one iPhone every year and there was no choice. You know what they say ... " who covers a lot, does not squeeze ".

Also, I would not be so sure how much users will expect . As the iPhone X continues to linger and the Christmas season approaches, it can be a hit. Keep in mind that both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note8 are already in the market and their prices have already been lowered.

We assume that they will try to squeeze the accelerator as much as possible and start the reservation period as soon as possible, no matter what happens. Because in addition, many people with an iPhone 6s (or even earlier) are ending their contracts of 2 years of permanence and value to renew their terminal. Time will tell . 

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