These are the applications and games for free today only -


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Monday, 11 September 2017

These are the applications and games for free today only

Yesterday we promised that we would not leave you alone or alone, we already know that Mondays are very hard for everyone, so we thought that it is best to spend the day reading iPadizate and downloading the applications and games for free only for a limited time. Remember that the offers expire tomorrow , so do not think about it and go for them.

Dungeon Defense: The Invasion of Heroes

Defeat all the invaders to defend your dungeon. Collect more weapons and monsters to make them stronger. Enjoy diverse contents in a game of classic aesthetics with which fun is guaranteed. And if you're going to roll towers, castles and dragons, this is your game. Free today only.

Birzzle Pandora HD

We present the classic game of drag and drop blocks of colors to group them, but in this case they are a few colored birds. You will have to advance levels in the game to see who goes further. Simple and easy to play, the problem is that it hooks a lot!


We get a little serious, as we bring an application that controls the time you take without consuming alcohol, and the money you're saving yourself with it. It offers motivations for those who have a bad time with the drink. If you are in trouble, it can help you a lot.

Safeany - All in One

It provides the strongest encryption security protection methods that can effectively protect your personal information, privacy, account or photos. Safeany is not only an application, it is also a set of personal data protection solution. Safeany is by far the most complete information security applications .


MyRhythm is an innovative application that will improve your rhythmic, auditory, rhythmic, coordination, comprehension and musical memory skills while having fun. Musicians of all ages, levels and musical tastes will find in MyRhythm a valuable learning tool . 

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