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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

These are the emoji banned in your WhatsApp name

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application, if not globally, at least in Spain. The fact that it was the first to implement this type of communication and its simplicity of use makes it implemented at the highest level among users, even if it is not the best application of this type .

Well we know, through the official channel of WaBetaInfo on Twitter, that we will not be able to use the emoticons in our names in this application. Let's see, we nuance it so that there is no doubt. Can I use emoticons in my messages? Of course, where you can not use them is in your profile name . Many teenagers will be pulling your hair already.

Why this measure?

Basically for safety reasons. The truth is that, although this issue leaves many users without their favorite emojis in the name, it is a good measure to avoid problems . We tell you that the company profiles already arrive. These are characterized by having a green tick next to their profile name.

If WhatsApp allows this emoji to be placed in the profile name of a user, it could lead to the picaresque and some bad guy with a bad intention could impersonate a company, in order to deceive or make scams online. Particularly it seems to us a correct measure by the company , property of Marck Zuckerberg.

Any security measures that are put in place to avoid scam attempts in the network will be welcome, as the digital world is, unfortunately, very conducive to it . Never listen to bullshit, blatant offers or anything similar, what you are looking for is to traffic with your data .

We do not know if the next official update of the messaging application will no longer be available emojis in the name, what is certain is that the measure is going to be implemented in a definitive way .

Do you have emoji in your name? Do you get the measurement right or wrong? We want to know your opinion in comments. See you soon!

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