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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

These are the new Notes tools in iOS 11

One of the aspects that the new iOS update has focused on is productivity. This launch of iOS 11 has brought Apple users from around the world an important list of improvements specially designed to make the most of our most precious resource , time. A good part of these changes have been taken by the Notes app in an attempt to make it the main application of its category.

The truth is, Notes seemed to have stayed a bit behind the other competitors. Not only because it lacked certain features that made it look obsolete in comparison, but because the update system does not help too much, normally receiving a single major update every year . The second has not yet been solved, but, at least, managed to catch up with the first problem.

Shortcuts, new formatting tools, a simpler way to add attachments ... 

Now, the Notes app is a real wonder, especially for those who have an Apple Pencil, thanks to the optimization and the shortcuts that have been implemented for this. Now, for example, you can add attachments to each note in a very simple way, just by touching the + symbol. And of course, as soon as you attach the file to the note, you can draw on it with your finger, or with the Apple Pencil without any problem.

The format system of each note has also been improved . Before, it was a little complicated to distinguish the different parts of each document, so with iOS 11 a new tool has been implemented on the keyboard that allows us to control this aspect to the maximum. We will simply have to touch the Aa button to access this new menu. Everything has been designed so that we have a total creative freedom to let go of all our ideas at the moment in which they come to us.

And you, will you use the Notes app more frequently with this new update?

Via | CultOfMac 

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