These are our games of the week -


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Saturday, 23 September 2017

These are our games of the week

With the presentation on Tuesday of iOS 11 we can not stop dedicating our weekly section of games to those who make use of augmented reality , a technology that attracts attention and for which Apple has decided to bet strong. We leave you with 4 varied and entertaining games.

Euclidean Lands

Move and tour the world to change perspective. Solve tricky puzzles to deceive and defeat the evil enemy and his servants. This iPhone strategy game has added an AR update so you can play in your living room or in any open space. An architectural puzzle game about changing perspectives seems perfectly suitable for ARKit.

Splitter Critters

Divide the world with your own fingers and rearrange it to guide your little creatures to their spaceship . Explore unique worlds of color, full of dangers, challenging puzzles and innovative mechanics that will make you change your thinking and reasoning. The sound environment of each planet, which reaches its maximum level of immersion using headphones, will set the tone and character of your trip.

Zombie Gunship Revenge

It's the ultimate augmented reality shooting game, in which you take control of an incredibly armed combat helicopter and annihilate zombies from the sky . Pilot a combat helicopter controlling it with your movements and defend yourself from the zombie apocalypse. Defeat zombie hordes with new thermal camera graphics. Equip your helicopter with machine guns, cannons, missiles, rockets and sniper rifles.

Dance Reality

Dance Reality uses Apple's latest augmented reality technology to place footprints on the floor in front of you. You look through your phone to step on the tracks, then follow the animation to practice common dance patterns. The application is not intended to be a substitute for your dance classes, but rather a tool to practice steps and rhythm anywhere, anytime.

We hope you like our proposals on augmented reality games, remember that this has only just begun . We are waiting for you in our next article.

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