They laughed at the ears of the iPhone X and now copy them on Android -


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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

They laughed at the ears of the iPhone X and now copy them on Android

It is curious that throughout the months that has been filtering quite accurately the appearance of the iPhone X , since Android there has always been a mocking mockery towards his "notch", also known as the "ears" of the iPhone X .

A distinctive design somewhat particular for a borderless screen and has caused some controversy. And either, you either love them or hate them. But after realizing that those ears are a fact and laugh at ease, now it turns out that many Android want to adopt their style by putting the characteristics of the ears of the iPhone X.

So if you have an Android and do not want to spend more than a thousand euros on the iPhone X, we have good news for you: a developer has created an Android app that will allow your Android phone to look the ears of the iPhone X.

No, it's not Face ID or animojis , but it's also cool. Of course, one thing is that it looks like the front of the iPhone X and another that has the exclusive technology of iPhone X to make perfect selfies .

Take note: the app is called " XOutof10 " and in fact does absolutely nothing more than create a black space at the top of your terminal screen. As its developer explains in GitHub:

    You, mean Android user, have probably already laughed quite a lot of Apple users about that extra thing that covers the iPhone X screen. Well, we know you will not pay $ 999 to try it out. And now you do not need it either!

So if you want to try it out, it's as easy as going to your GitHub page and downloading it. It supports Android Marshmallow and above. Unfortunately, if your Android has the Android version Oreo, you will not be able to enjoy it.

But you always have to go to the brighter side of life and buy an iPhone X, as well as enjoying the ears, you will finally know what it is to leave the lag behind with the mobile faster than there is .

Via | Mashable 

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