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Friday, 29 September 2017

Think about it: the iPhone X is cheaper than your love of coffee (or tobacco)

Unless you have lived in a cave in the last month, you will know that the iPhone X is the most expensive Apple mobile to date. Moreover, it is the most expensive smartphone on the market: from 1,159 euros , there is nothing.

Of course, with these prices, one has to start to stop thinking about the mobile as a terminal that only serves to call and the WhatsApp and make sure that it takes a lot more game, since at least it should last us 3-4 years .

Also, remember that through an operator to buy it you get something cheaper and you pay in comfortable terms. Of course, the premise is to commit to them for two years.

But as we say, it does not have to be a bad investment if you really take advantage of it: there is no doubt that the iPhone X is a beast at the height of the MacBook Pro .

Of course, it's all about valuing our budget, needs, tastes and more before making the purchase, but what if I tell you that you're going to get more out of the iPhone X than your addiction to tobacco, coffee or the gray hair?

Business Insider has done a study taking into account what a person who goes to Starbucks every day and buys a coffee and the approximate price is about three dollars per coffee. If the average American user maintains his terminal about 22.7 months before buying another, this translates into something less than 2 years. The account is very simple : less than $ 1.10 a day for the iPhone 8 and $ 1.57 for the iPhone X. Cheaper than their addiction to coffee.

In case you are also a town like me: if you go to Starbucks every day for breakfast and ask for a normal latte (coffee latte), an orange juice and some bakery, you can pay 9 euros quietly. Assuming you take the juice, 5 euritos. And now you tell me, this is Spain and I do not go to Starbucks every day .

Perfect, precisely Spain is the country of leisure and terraceo. Maybe you will not forgive the cane after work or even be a smoker. Something that supposes almost 5 euros daily in the second case and about two euros in El Segundo. Now check it out: if you're worth the iPhone X, what are you going to get more out of?

Business Insider continues with the comparative coffee maker and tells us that if an average user uses their terminal about 2,600 times a day, that is much more pleasure than a coffee, a cigar or a cane .

Eye, we do not tell you to get rid of the small pleasures of life . But it really values ​​the cost, the time of use and the satisfaction that the iPhone X will give you. It's just a matter of seeing it with perspective, thinking it coolly and planning it.

Also, the study also gives us the perspective of other of our little luxuries to check how much they suppose a day . It's all about priorities.

Via | BGR

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