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Friday, 1 September 2017

This could be the final name of the iPhone 8

As we said yesterday, the closer we are to September 12, when the new iPhone will be introduced, the easier it is for new information on the phones to appear. We would like to be able to put a spoiler tag for all those who, like an episode of Game of Thrones, do not want to be shocked by any surprise. But we have the feeling that, like us, you can not resist the news that comes next .

And is that, one of the great mysteries of the new generation of the iPhone, has been neither its design, which has repeatedly filtered, nor the hardware, which is an open secret. The great incognita of the iPhone of the tenth anniversary, and the telephones that will accompany him, is his name. Perhaps we have become accustomed to calling it iPhone 8, and we have taken for granted that the successors of the iPhone 7 will be the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus. What we did not know, is that we may have been mistaken all this time .

Major accessories manufacturers filter out what could be the names of new models

A new filtering that they have shared since 9To5Mac, seems to indicate that, this time, we will have a line of telephones something special in terms of names. Apparently, some of the big sleeve manufacturers would have changed the identifying names of the sleeves designed for the new models. And, here comes the interesting, the phones would be named as: "iPhone 8", "iPhone 8 Plus", and "iPhone Edition" . Yes, the iPhone 7s name is nowhere to be found.

While it is true that Apple could surprise us in the presentation with a completely unexpected name, we must bear in mind that the reputation of these manufacturers, is not precisely bad. According to the media, one of them would even sell their products in the Apple Store , so, it is completely plausible that these are the names of the new generation. Also, do not you think it strange that names change only two weeks of the event? To me, of course, it seems to me.

And you, what names do you think the new phones will have?

Source | 9To5Mac

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