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Monday, 25 September 2017

This IKEA app with AR solves the worst of buying furniture

Since Apple introduced iOS 11 , and much more after its official launch, developers have put the batteries to get their best augmented reality apps published in the App Store using the ARKit platform.

But one of the best uses attributed to ARKit is not a simple game or an application that allows you to become selfish. This time we are talking about a new application of IKEA .

The application in question is called IKEA Place , and employs augmented reality technology to make shopping much more enjoyable, simple and fun.
How does IKEA Place work?

The IKEA Place app uses your iPhone's camera to quickly scan a room. Requires iOS 11 , but you will not need an iPhone 8, an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone X to enjoy the benefits it provides.

The best thing about IKEA Place is that it allows you to see in real time how the furniture you want to buy and any other decor accessories in your home thanks to the augmented reality would be. You can reposition the elements and move closer or farther to see the scene from different angles.

Without a doubt, it is a really useful application that will allow you to get an idea of ​​what you are looking for specifically and with which you can be 100% sure if it is the furniture you were looking for the decoration of your home.

The augmented reality representations are surprisingly good, although they are still not perfect. There is no complete catalog of IKEA and the exploration of the different elements could be a little more fluid.

Now it is only necessary that IKEA make use of augmented reality to allow users to assemble furniture more easily. It would not be bad! The IKEA Places app will soon be available on the App Store. What do you think about this new application of IKEA for iPhone?

Source | Mashable 

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