This is definitely the best feature of iOS 11: Uninstall apps without losing your data -


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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

This is definitely the best feature of iOS 11: Uninstall apps without losing your data

One of the new features of iOS 11 is the automatic removal of applications when the storage space of your iPhone or iPad is running out. This method, uninstall app, only removes the application, leaving in your iPhone all the data it contains.

If at any point you decide to reinstall it, you will not notice that it has been deleted and will be at the same point as when it was uninstalled. So, what if you want to apply this method instead of losing all the information related to the app? Best of all, you can.
Uninstall manually on iOS 11

The first thing to do is:

    Open app Settings

    Address General

    IPhone Storage

Once in this section look for the option to Uninstall Automatically , if this option does not appear here, it is already activated. Once you have made this adjustment, let's go to what we have come to do in this section.

Choose an app you want to undo to gain space and open your settings in this section. Once there you will get a screen with two options at the bottom: a blue, uninstall app, and another red, delete app. The first is the one that interests us, since it is the one in charge to erase the app and maintain its data.

Keep in mind that not all Apple native applications can be uninstalled, although some that occupy a lot like Garage Band, yes.

The incursion of this type of news in iOS 11, far from being showy and visible to all users, come to make us even easier our day to day . Although Apple has tried to solve its storage problems by eliminating the 32GB branch of its catalog, it is not only the iPhone 8 that is lucky to have iOS 11 and this feature can increase the lifespan of your old iPhone.

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