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Sunday, 10 September 2017

This is FaceID, the fascinating newness of iPhone X

The next iPhone X will not leave anyone indifferent, or at least, to anyone who has not seen the rumors and leaks that have been appearing these months. The new Apple phone will be the great revolution of the line, the terminal that will start a new stage in a catalog that has never been known to bring lots of changes in a single review. This iPhone X, could change the idea we have of the range , and we are only a few days to meet.

Among the new features of this phone, we can find from a completely new design, both front and back; to a completely new security system, designed to solve and leave behind the Touch ID . In fact, today we will talk about that, the already filtered (also) FaceID. And, with the unofficial arrival of the final version of iOS 11, new details about this system have been discovered.

The new FaceID wants to demonstrate that facial recognition is completely safe

We were already accustomed to the fact that Guilherme Rambo was filtering information about what he was finding on his "walks" through the depths of the iOS 11 code, but today's has been specially detailed. It has been able to access the same process of configuration of this new method of security, and has shown in its tweets the operation of the same one . As you can see, everything will work in a friendly interface, which will allow all users to get accustomed to FaceID fast.

In this new interface, we will be able to configure all aspects of the system, and the services in which authentication will be authorized. To register our face, we will simply have to show it to the sensors of the phone with a small twist, so that it can recognize it from all angles. As you can see, they are still working on the last touches , but hopefully we can see a finished version of it on Tuesday. Hopefully it works as well or better than the Touch ID.

And you, are you willing to leave the Touch ID behind?

Via | MacRumors

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