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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

This is how WhatsApp will completely kill SMS

As you know, a new silent revolution is coming to the instant messaging app we all know and love (or rather, we are forced to use). WhatsApp, you will receive in no time a new avalanche of users in the service, and this time, it will not be our relatives, friends, and acquaintances that form these new waves. Companies are on the verge of reaching WhatsApp in a big way, and with that, we will see a great change in our relationship with all kinds of entities.

The fact that those who, so far, were forced to look for different alternatives to be able to give a decent service through the app, now have lots of facilities to get their communications to users, should greatly facilitate this relationship. What we had not stopped to think too much, was that this was the last bastion that remained to the defenders of the SMS.

Companies will decide whether the SMS will continue to exist, or whether it will stay on track 

When WhatsApp arrived, users began a transition to a new type of messaging where they no longer depended on operators and their abusive tariffs. But this only worked with individuals. Companies have maintained the SMS system to send fast communications to their users in connection with contracted services, for two-factor authentication, or simply for advertising. But now, they no longer need it.

With the new system WhatsApp has created, specifically designed so that small, medium and large companies can connect with their customers using the app safely, there is no longer any reason to keep SMS. Of course, it remains to be seen if it will work as well as Facebook would like , but if it does, maybe it's time to leave behind once for all this messaging system that, although it accompanied us for a long time, never left us a good taste of the mouth

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