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Thursday, 21 September 2017

This is how you can pay your friends with Apple Pay

With the arrival of iOS 11 to the iPhone and iPad, many users will be able to use a new payment system. If Apple had already successfully launched the mobile payments market, now they also want to have part of the P2P payments business . So far as we understand, all mobile payments made between people by phone numbers or a similar method of identification. Something like what the Spanish banks have implemented with Bizum.

At least, the initial idea was that. And it seems that the new service of the Cupertino, called Apple Pay Cash , will not reach the iPhone with iOS 11. This new method designed to facilitate users payments on iMessage, will not be available in these early days of the new update iOS , although it was announced as one of the great novelties of it. However, we can prepare for the moment it is released.

We will not have to leave iMessage to pay our debts 

In the video we show you, and that has been uploaded to YouTube, a video tutorial extracted from iOS 11 teaches us how to use this new update. As we can see, this is a more iMessage application. An extension of the simplest, which we can activate at any time. Once we activate it, we can select the amount of money that we want to send through the service. This done, we will only have to authorize the payment as if it were a normal one with Apple Pay.

When we have sent the payment, the recipient can use that money through an Apple Pay virtual prepaid card. This can be used in any establishment that supports payments without contact, or we can also send the money to others. Now we will have to know if this new platform of P2P payments will arrive with all its characteristics to Spain, as already anticipated a few weeks ago .

And you, would you use Apple Pay Cash?

Via | MacRumors 

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