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Friday, 22 September 2017

This is how your favorite apps suck your battery and data

Whatever iPhone you have, you probably worry exactly the same as the rest: the duration of your terminal battery and data consumption . And is that although you have a huge mega rate, streaming services or games, devour it.

Sometimes, it is simply our fault for not properly configuring our devices in terms of data saving and battery optimization . But others, it's the apps that are designed to act like real vampires.

As you may know, from Settings > Mobile Data you can reset the consumption statistics of your rate and you will see in each app as much your consumption as if you have permission to consume megas or on the contrary, only Wi-Fi.

In the case of the battery, by going to Settings > Battery , we can also see how our battery has been spent, both in the last 24 hours and for a full week, so that you get an average idea of ​​the consumption.

All this we already knew, but on Reddit, one of the most important forums on the Internet, have gone further detailing and revealing an unpleasant surprise .
How do data and battery consume apps?

It seems that a user has dedicated to collect the consumption of a particular app, the app in question is "Booking", a service that allows us to book hotels, flights, hostels, etc., at the best price.

And so you say, then what? We have already seen how to discover the ranking of the most gullible apps at the beginning of the article. The surprise comes when the user discovers that this consumption occurs with the app completely closed . Neither background nor anything, closed.

Apparently, a pattern was repeated every so often: within 30 seconds, the app requested three resources and this was repeated continuously. Imagine it: what a mega and battery expense!

To give you an idea, if the app uses 56 KB every 30 seconds, it is 112 KB per minute and almost 7 MB per hour. In one day they are 161 MB. Now multiply by thirty to know what this app is spending on your bill. Do the accounts if you do not believe us .

Yes, it is the case of Booking, but we intuit that others much more known and employed like Facebook will operate of similar way. Now you have the answer of where your megas go throughout the month.

Via | Andro4All 

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