This is the iPhone that will devour the android, and it's not the iPhone X -


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Saturday, 23 September 2017

This is the iPhone that will devour the android, and it's not the iPhone X

It really does little, Apple revealed a really great amount of new products, including in redesigned iPhone X which has given much to talk about . Many failures can be found in this new device, but no doubt managed to give a complete turn to facial recognition.

Since the introduction of the first iPhone, Apple was more than clear that it was not competing on prices against any company . Then appeared Android, which was the key to get cheap terminals that have been getting cheaper and more and more . Of course, this has made Google (the creator of Android) the undisputed leader of the mobile market. But Apple has not lost profits.

Yes, the iPhone X is the first mobile to (almost) reach $ 1000 , but this year they have done something totally different that has become the worst nightmare for Android: new Apple phones very cheap.

Android Nightmare 

You could already buy cheaper Apple phones before second hand, but these did not come in their shiny boxes or really knew if they had been used much or if the state of the battery would be correct. With the new master plan of Cupertino, we can open for the first time the box of an iPhone for barely 419 euros .

Usually the company lowered the price of its previous flagship, eliminating the one that had the reduced price before that, but in this case they have conserved all the devices lowering the price to all . You can get an iPhone SE for only 419 euros , or even an iPhone 6 (not the Apple Store) for just over 200 euros.

In 10 years of history for Apple, the iPhone had never had such competitive prices. It is logical that the highest range of phones is absurdly expensive (800 euros to be exact), Samsung does, Apple does and all companies do, but for the first time in history, the Apple catalog does not escape the pocket of the vast majority.

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